Celebrities And Their Look-Alike Animals…

Let’s take a look at some funniest ones-

1.Justin Bieber & Sloth

Similar eyes,subtle smiles,horrible haircuts and the identical kinda nose.Justin Bieber and sloth surely complement each other when seen together.LOL

2.Tom Cruise & a Parrot


The similar shiny eyes,the nose that looks more like a beak,that jaw line somewhat like a parrot’s face.Errr? Do I need to say more?

3.Taylor lautner and Alpaca

I guess these similar scrunched up faces of Taylor Lautner and Alpaca are saying it all.

4.Miley Cyrus and an angry Lion

Ohhhhh la la la la,because when I open my mouth to sing aloud along with my wide eyes open,no one can differentiate whether I am Miley or is it an angry lion roaring.LOL.

5.Snoop Dogg and Doberman Pinscher Dog

That “Giving a look” gesture that’s so identical and that nose that’s making the comparison so obvious. Ahhh this image is surely a proof why he was named SNOOP DOGG .LOL.

6.Rowan Atkinson and  Monkey

HAHA.Now this one is surely my favourite and cutest one.I mean how can two creatures called human and an animal be so freaking similar? Wide sparkling eyes,exactly same nose.
Just make the monkey smile like Mr.Bean and they will surely complement each other.

7.Selena Gomez and Luwak

I have shiny eyes along with a cute nose. Well I was talking of Selena Gomez.Did you just feel a Luwak was being talked about? LOL. Well I guess the only task about this image would be deciding who is cuter?

8.Kim Kardashian and Raccoon


Seems like Kim Kardashian is surely trying to copy a Raccoon.
Her over the top eye make-up and heaps of mascara surely make her look no less than a Raccoon.

9.Shakira and Komondorak

Do I seriously need to explain why this comparison is being made? Or is it like evident from this image.
The open mouth and the hair do,on point.HAHA.

10.Mark Zuckerberg and Ostrich

The long neck,the sharp eyes and the nose that is exactly like the Ostrich’s beak.Oh yes,Mark Zuckerberg surely resembles an Ostrich.