Cats And Dogs Cute First Meeting

Cats and Dogs have been mortal enemies since time umpteenth. They have been loggerheads from the day they came into existence. Maybe it is in their genes. When you see incidents like the one you will see in this video, you will be astonished beyond words. That makes you feel that there is compassion in animals and they are ever ready to share their love and warmth with animals of other species.
In this footage, you see a woman carrying new born pups to their cat’s home. The cat lives in a cardboard box, and it looks that it is enjoying its lifestyle in its small world. Everybody knows cats are extremely possessive about their belongings and rarely share their items with others. But this cat is a bit odd and acts differently than others.
How is this cat different from others, you ask? Look in the video silly. The lady tries to put the pups into the box. But the puppies keep on whining and hold on to the towel for dear life.
What it does when it sees the puppies? First, it looks at the puppies. You do not know which way the whole thing is going. The puppies cling to the towel and they do not want to go down somewhere which is not familiar to them.
What happens next will melt your heart. As the lady puts the pups near the cat, they start whining loudly. The cat makes them feel comfy by sitting next to them like a Mama. Then it puts its paw around them and snuggles them in. The puppies stop whining and sit cozily with their new Mama.
Now that’s cute, isn’t it? The cutest cats and dogs video.