Declaration of a state of emergency in Los Angeles due to Coronavirus

Los Angeles today announced a local emergency after appearing six cases of the emerging Coronavirus (COVID-19). The health...
Coronavirus Spreading So Widely in South Korea

A ” real catastrophe” faces 2,300 people infected with Coronavirus in South Korea

While South Korea announced, on Wednesday, 516 new cases of Newcomer "Coronavirus" , more than 2,000 patients face a real catastrophe...
Nashville City After Tornado, Image Credit: Reuters HARRISON MCCLARY

22 killed and dozens injured due to the tornado that struck Nashville

22 people in Nashville, Tennessee, announced that 22 people were killed and dozens were injured as a result of a tornado...
Coronavirus .. Scientists warn of “a disaster that was not taken into account”

Coronavirus .. Scientists warn of “a disaster that was not taken into account”

As fears rise of the proliferation of Coronavirus around the world, scientists warn that the new virus may become "permanent" or...
Corona continues to spread in Europe

European Union raises the level of risk posed by coronavirus to “high”

Today, the European Union's Disease Control Agency raised the level of risk from the emerging coronavirus from moderate to high.
The decoding programs are secretly owned by the US and German intelligence

A ” espionage scandal” rocked the world … and a country is bringing a...

The Swiss Prosecutor's Office announced on Sunday that the government has filed a criminal case against allegations that the CIA used...
European countries are pursuing strict measures to limit the spread of Corona

Coronavirus invades new European countries and records infections

Ireland and Luxembourg have announced the first cases of the emerging coronavirus, which continues to spread in the world.
More than 60 infections of coronavirus recorded in USA

Hours after Trump’s tweet … Coronavirus “appears” in California

It was not until hours that the President of the United States, Donald Trump, boasted about his actions in the fight...
What does Classification of Coronavirus as a Pandemic Means?

What does Classification of Coronavirus as a Pandemic Means?

The new Coronavirus appears to be continuing to circulate around the world, with new countries announcing the discovery of cases of...
Photo by Pierre-Philippe MARCOU / AFP

After long incredible performance, Maria Sharapova retires from tennis

The Russian Tennis Star Maria Sharapova, 32 - year - old,  announced her retirement from  tennis  competition after along and successful performance and during that...

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Two health workers in front of an Italian hospital

Italy records the lowest daily death toll in two weeks

Italy recorded, on Sunday, the lowest daily death toll in more than two weeks, the death of 525 people, bringing the...
The United States leads the world in the number of coronavirus infections

A report expects America’s “worst day” with Corona … before receding

A specialized American medical center painted a dark picture of the coming days that the US population will witness with the...

In Italy, Coronavirus infections will be zero in May

A statistical study showed that during the period between May 5 and May 16, Italy will witness a decline in new...