Thursday, December 12, 2019

This Man Has $ex With A Drunk Woman! Or Does He?

This Vlogger created waves on Social Media after posting a shocking video. In a day and age when consent is constantly debated,...

A Woman’s Butt Shape Says A Lot About Her!

What does the shape of your butt say about you. The shape of your butt says a lot about you...

7 indications they’re courting You For The inferior reasons

A very good accomplice would never deal with their giant other like this.

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It Was A Regular Renovation Of The House Until The Couple Discovered This In...

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Marie Fredriksson, Image Source:

Roxette Marie Fredriksson, dead at 61

Roxette Marie Fredriksson has died at 61. Her management team confirmed in a statement that Fredriksson’s death followed a 17-year...
Wonder Woman 1984, Image Source:

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Trailer: Someone Is Somehow Back

The extremely 1980s first trailer for “Wonder Woman 1984” just launched, and you can watch it below right now.