8 Signs that your body is full of toxins

Toxins are found everywhere around us, in the air, water, food, and even on cell phones. Pollution and bacteria surrounding us can lead to serious diseases, as these toxic substances accumulate in the body, and when they reach a critical level, they may lead to the…

The Anabolic Evolution of Modern Bodybuilding

Today, drugs in some professional sports have become mainstream. The hypocrisy of Major League Baseball serves as a wake up call for an American culture that indulges in careless living by risking its health through poor nutrition, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, etc.

How to Tone Up Your Cellulite Areas

You buy them and they don’t get the job done. Anti cellulite pills, lotions, gadgets, rubber tights and other silly money wasters that sell you hope and nothing else. The truth is, your best weapons in your battle against unwelcome cellulite are a smart nutritional…

Ultrasound Technology Helps Clean and Whiten Teeth With Braces

Although braces are essential to correcting a variety of dental issues, cleaning braces with a standard toothbrush is as difficult as trying to floss with a jumprope. The interweaving of wires and brackets traps all kinds of bacteria and food particles that cause plaque…

Nurse Educators Play Essential Roles in Public Health

Nurses remain an essential and trusted part of the health care system, and the nation faces an urgent need for nurses due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The World Health Organization is also celebrating the value of nursing by designating 2020 as the International Year of the…
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Dimples of Venus

The dimples of Venus (also known as back dimples, butt dimples or Venusian dimples) are sagittally symmetrical indentations sometimes visible on the human lower back, just superior to the gluteal cleft. They are directly superficial to the two sacroiliac joints, the…