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Firefighters Put Their Life At Stake To Save This Freezing Dog. 2 Minute Video...

The recent incident in Massachusetts proved to be a beautiful and breathtaking case of Christmas miracle for a golden retriever and her owners.

This Homeless Dog Was Beaten Up And Left To Die !

I have seen dogs living pathetic lives. In fact, their lives are devoid and depleted and without much resources.

Dog Redesigns The Home By Doing This

People love having pets inside their houses but sometimes this might not turn into the greatest of ideas but rather a...

Cat Rescue Mission Brings Tears To My Eyes

These days Cat Rescue is not as easy as it looks. It involves a lot of mettle and grind, where you have to search...
Man Saves A Dogvideo

I Wish I Was As Brave As Him – Man Saves Dog By Jumping...

He jumped down a bridge just to save a dog. Isn’t he adorable? Yes, this man in the video saved...
Milk Deteriorating Healthvideo

That Glass Of Milk Could Become The Reason For Your Deteriorating Health…

For the longest time milk has been counted among the best sources of nutrition. In fact it has been treated almost...

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Liu Zhiming ... General Manager of Wuhan Hospital

Wuhan City Hospital Director Died by Coronavirus

Chinese state television announced the death of a director of a major hospital in Wuhan on Tuesday, due to infection with...
5 Clever Ways to Increase Mobile App Reviews

5 Clever Ways to Increase Mobile App Reviews

Competition in today’s application market is tough. As an app developer or administrator, you will require knowing how to make your...
Tsewang Paljor “Green Boots” (1968-1996)

Green Boots, Photos of the Bodies Left Behind on Mount Everest

Tsewang Paljor died along with seven others in what is known as the 1996 Mount Everest Disaster.