Cat Rescue Mission Brings Tears To My Eyes


These days Cat Rescue is not as easy as it looks. It involves a lot of mettle and grind, where you have to search cautiously for the victim. Then you need to rescue it, even if there is some sort of opposition.

Coming to tending stage, you need to comprehend how badly the victim is traumatized and then apply the necessary line of treatment.

What Happened In The Cat Rescue Operation

Here was a kitten who had broken a leg. Nobody knew it had a fracture. It was plainly limping and unable to walk properly.

The owner decided its leg had to be amputated and took it to the vet. Do you know what was the most heart wrenching thing about the kitten? It was just seven weeks old. All it needed was a chance.
It was brought to a popular vet, Dr. Jeff. prepared it for a X-Ray. After taking two shots, he started examining them.

The first one was pretty normal indicating there was no problem. The second one showed that the kitten had a horizontal fracture and that a piece of the bone was jutting out. It could pierce the important blood vessels.

So the surgery was started and a pin had to be inserted into the bone. Then it would be wired so that it gained strength. Then the kitten would be all right.
What was the outcome of the operation? Was the kitten able to walk again? Have a look at the video.

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