Cat Love : 9 Signs Of How Cats Show They Love You

There are distinct pet favoritism categories in force. So much is this distinction that pet lovers are generally a dog person or a cat person. What about cat love then? Surprisingly, cat persons are little less talked about in comparison to dog persons. We will take you on a journey of feline affection to help decode the signs that cats use to show they love the owner. It might be that you got a cat and you will shower more love on it or just that you simply have to get a new feline pet that will make your days more joyful. Here’s how you can deduce cat love and you will know why we love them for it.

1. Mewing Away 

Here's Some Cat Love
Cats show love

When your little cat is all eyes for you and seems to be purring as it breathes, you know that the love shown is meat for you. What’s more is that the cats have a tendency to close their eyes and purr away. This means that it wants a pat on the forehead or some warm pampering.

2. Head Bunting 

Cat love for the owner
Cats show love to owner

A cat uses this favourite and high range love gesture on people it loves. The cat makes its forehead come in contact with your face or cheeks. It is a softy fury feel that you sure fall in love with. What is more is that they expect you to give them a tiny pat on their forehead or just a small peck on the head. Cute, isn’t it?

3. Some Cats Love The Soft Rub 


Cat Love - The soft rub
The soft rub

Sometimes cats have a tendency to rub its face against furniture you are seated on, against your feet or even climb up and rub against your face. This is yet another way of showing that it loves you and also feels snug in your company. Pamper your pet cat when it does this by kissing it lightly on its paws. Ultimate cuteness, I call it!

4. The Licky Goodness 

Cat love with some licks
Cats show love licks

The best of cats showing their love is by kissing your face and adding some warm tongue licking goodness. Slurping at your face shows that your cat is in extreme joy and that it wants you to bask in its excitement at well. We are not sure if there is a cat style High Five but you could simply whoosh it up and cuddle it tight until it goes meow meow.

5. The Tail Twitch 

Cat love and the tail
Cats show love with the tail

Dogs wag their tails in joy and affection for their masters. However, cats have a peculiar cutesy way of putting their tails up in the air and twirling the very tip. This is ultimate cat love and gives out the signal that it wants to snuggle up to you and get more love in return. Cats are a little selfish in love, after all!

6. The Soft Look And Some Cat Love

Cat love and the purring
Cats show love with purring

When your pet cat seems in a lost gaze staring at you for few seconds and allowing a soft blink of its eyes, then you must feel proud. Why so? This is because catty pets have this unique way of showing that it feels warm and happy at home. The best way to respond back to this sign of cat love is that you blink back slightly and beam bright at it. This will make your cat get more excited and happier in a jiffy.

7. The Caring Companion 

Cat love at work
Cats show love at work

Has your cat ever silently come and sat besides your workstation?  More often than not, you might not even remember that your cat is around. This is a very big sign that your pet cat loves you and has been keeping a close eye on you. While dogs are always overestimated as being loyal to men, cats too have the same streak. The only fact is that they are not too sure how to express this.

8. What’s With The Kneading And Some Cat Love ?

Cat love with its paws

In case your cat tries to knead its tiny paws onto your legs or lap, it signifies the love it has for you. This is a very sensitive gesture and more often than not, it means that you mean the world to the cat at home.

9. The Hunter Streak 

Cat Love Makes A Difference
Cute kitty

Over the years and all the evolution, your cat has tamed down and calmed down but its hunter streak surfaces at least at some points of time. This is also when they try to show their love to you by carrying its prey to you. Expect anything from dead mice to small birds—your cat could go to any extent to show love.
With so many ways that cats show love to us human beings, we can only wonder how sensible these tiny animals are. They are cuddly, soft and awesome to play around with. And yes, while dogs maybe a man’s bestie, cats are awesome companions as well. You only need to give cats a little more time to warm up to you. Once this is done, they sure can swamp you in oodles of love forever and ever!
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