Can You Get Killed In A Wildlife Sanctuary? Here Are A Few People Who Failed Against The Wild!

What is with people going out into some National Park and being vulnerable to an attack by the wild animals? Do they forget that there is a reason they are called wild animals, and are not domesticated? But humans love adventure, and playing with their lives as well. This is why, they usually build up a path in a Wildlife Safari so that people could witness how animals lead a life in the forests. In short, they want people to be the cameras of National Geographic Channel.
But little did the authorities know that such vicarious efforts accompany a lot of risks with them. And if we consider these dangers, and the fact that people have smartphones nowadays, we can conclude that wild animals do attack humans, an observation we should have made a long time ago, and probably did. Here are a few instances when the travelers who found animal company much amusing, had to struggle with their lives when these wild animals attacked them.

10. The HAPPY Elephant

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This elephant rather seemed more playful than destructive when it crushed a Volkswagen Polo with people inside it. The incident was of Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa, where this elephant tried crushing this car with all its power while another traveler clicked photographs of the incident. Luckily enough, the passengers got out without any major injury.

9. The LONG ONE attacks

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South Africa is well known for its biodiversity and wildlife creatures. It was during the time of a Wildlife Safari that a 13 feet long giraffe chased down a jeep filled with tourists. The giraffe ran behind the jeep for a long distance, damaging the vehicle as well as kicking the driver. Eventually, giraffe went on it own way leaving the group intact.

8. The FLIPPING Elephant

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It seems that the elephants are the most outrageous animals and are totally against humans entering their territory. Usually considered as peaceful creatures, an elephant in Kruger National Park, South Africa attacked a private car with a couple inside it, toppling the vehicle over and over with the help of its tusks. Eventually, the tusk hit the thighs of Sarah Brooks, one of the passengers in the vehicle.