Bye Bye Professor Snape – Legendary Actor Alan Rickman Passes Away At 69

Yes, it’s true. We have lost one of the finest actors in Hollywood and the British Film Industry, Alan Rickman. Famous for his roles of Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series and Hans Gruber in an installment of the Die Hard movie, the actor is known for his awe-inspiring performances. His colleagues say he treated all his roles with equal panache. But that was not all; he was in fact a great human being and was always ready to break into peals of laughter.
Alan Rickman
He had been battling cancer for quite some time now. He is now survived by his wife, Rima Horton. He was also a godfather of fellow actor Tom Burke.
The BAFTA award-winning actor has been a cornerstone of the British Film industry and is known for his exquisite travails in cinema. He has even acted with greats like Dame Maggie Smith. He has even directed the critically acclaimed movie, The Winter Guest.
But that was not all. He was known to be a practical joker. Many of his pranks on the Harry Potter sets can be seen on YouTube. Daniel Radcliffe, aka, Harry Potter, has even gone on to say, that Rickman was one of the most loyal people he had ever met. Same is the case with the rest of the cast.
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The possessor of a velvety and baroque baritone, Rickman was known to enchant viewers with a prolific recital. His prowess has been acknowledged by film veterans and spectators alike. Everybody seems miss him
Many, especially from the Harry Potter Movie, are saddened by the epic loss. British Cinema Professionals are mourning at the departure of the Great soul.