Busted: 20 Common Everyday Myths And Misconceptions We All Believed Are True.

Remember how as kids you believed in ghosts and fairies, or that there were real monsters in the closet. Well, you have come a long way from there! But there are still some age old myths and lies that we constantly hear but do not realise the truth behind them. While some of them are general misconceptions, the others are well thought marketing lies and tricks. Here we find the truth behind some most common things that you see or hear almost everyday.

1. Fairness creams

This is on top of this list because this is the one that has been fooling us for ages. Not only is the product itself extremely racist, it also doesn’t really work as it claims to! 

“15 din me 3 tone lighter”, my foot!

P.S.: Using “Fair & Whatever” doesn’t land you a job either.

2. Banks calling for details

No bank ever calls asking you to confirm your details like your password or ATM pin.

Image Source: GIphy.com

3. Work from home advertisements

To be fair, not all of them are fake. Only the ones asking you for a deposit or a registration fee of any kind. If this happens, it is, in all certainty, a scam.

Image source: kiplinger.com