Did You Know, The BMW Logo Has A Hidden Message, Click To Find What…

Now in our latest offering, Stories of World Will Bring to you these famous brand logos from the marketing arena to the notice of the regular consumers. To know more about your favourite brand’s logo and the hidden message which accompany them. Just hop on and scroll down to know how each brand logo has a hidden message. Let The treasure box open !!

1. The Nintendo GameCube Logo

The famous nintendo console , gamecube’s logo looks like a simple purple 3 Dimensional Cube. This Logo Clearly represents a G symbol if you view the whole 2 D out line. But when you notice the empty space within the logo it also forms a hidden letter C (Thus the letter G and C which form initials of GameCube). Another great thing about this logo is that it forms a small cube within a cube ( that’s awesome nintendo !)

2. Volkswagen

The volkswagen logo has a hidden message you never wondered !We are talking about world’s most loved german car brand. The makers of engineering marvel have the words V and W inscribed in its logo as the initials of it’s name. But you just missed the point, The word Volks in German means “people” and wagon means “car” , so the logo in itself means a cars for the people ! and “Das Auto” slogan means – The Car.