Brace Yourselves For These 2016 Potential Blockbusters We Cannot Just Wait For !!!!

While 2015 has been quite a mixed year for movie lovers, with some movies garnering enough appreciation and some also have been a major letdown. Scroll Down and have a peek at these 2016 potential blockbusters:

1. Bahubali : The Conclusion

Bahubali : The Conclusion

India’s costliest film to date, made on a budget of a whooping 250 Crores this Telugu Magnum Opus combined the amazing VFX with the visual story telling, a mastery of the genius director S.S. Rajamouli created magic on screen and has won accolades across the nation.This gripping revenge story’s first installment closed on the cliffhanger questioning “Why Kattapa Killed Bahubali” the sequel of this film is sure to set the cash registers ringing at the box office. A sure 2016 potential blockbuster which will shatter all previous walls.

2. Alice Through The Looking Glass

A sequel to the 2010 fantasy film Alice in Wonderland this film is also based on novel by the same non fiction writer/author Lewis Caroll. We see audience’s evidently favorite Johnny Depp back in the avatar of the Mad Hatter and Anne Hathway will also be seen reprising her role as the White Queen. The first teaser of this Disney Fantasy Saga has some striking visuals where the title character Alice (played by Maya Wasikowska ) is set out on a journey to return back to Wonderland where she has to battle time itself to save the life of our beloved Mad Hatter (they saw the audience rooting for this one, must say clever positioning).

3. X-Men Apocalypse


“From the ashes of this world, we’ll build a better one” says the self proclaimed twisted mutant antagonist, who also happens to be one of the first of his kind to walk on earth. Meanwhile our young Mutants are now up for a bigger challenge, it is the 9th installment of the X-Men series this one directed by Bryan Singer, Apparently Jennifer Lawrence’s last film with the franchise is seen reprising the role of villainous Mystique this time teaming up with the good mutant fellows in the latest teaser trailer if this 2016 Marvel film.

4. Captain America : Civil War

Captain America : Civil War

After a series of blockbusters from the Marvel Comic Universe featuring our Heroes – Steve Rogers ( Captain America ) and Tony Stark ( Iron Man ) pitting the Avengers each other. Also the film packs with a lot of content introducing 2 new avenger – The Black Panther & the Falcon and features actor Tim Holland as Spiderman ( Spidey’s first entry into the avengers space).

5. Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice

Its Dark Knight vs Man of Steel ! Can it get any bigger than this ?  This DC movie will mark the events which form the Justice League. The first trailer had the DC fans cheering the ultimate clash also introducing Wonder Woman ( played by actress Gal Gadot ). We sure know the stakes are high this time inviting comparisons with Marvel biggie Captain America : Civil War. A 100% vote to this 2016 potential blockbuster.

6. Finding Dory

Finding Dory

The Sequel to 2003’s Finding Nemo, Pixar’s finding Dory features the forgetful and adorable blue fish Dory ( Voiced by TV Show Star : Ellen De Genres ) re-unite worth her family, surely this will make for a great family watch just like the first installment of the franchise.

7. Independence Day : Resurgence

Independence Day : Resurgence is an American Science Fiction film directed by Ronald Emmerich, a sequel to the 1996 film Independence Day, a presentation of titan comics the trailer released on 13th December by 20th Century FOX has been able to garner much of the viewer interest.

8. Kung Fu Panda 3

Kungfu Panda 3

“The Weight is Over” says the first look poster of the film, be ready for a great laugh riot adventure of the beloved Kung Fu trained Panda named Po ( voiced by Jack Black ) returning as he set out on a journey to find out his father as new challenges await him in the teaser of the film. This will be the funniest 2016 potential blockbuster !!

9. Now You See Me : The Second Act

Now You See Me 2

You’re a magician Harry ! exclaimed the fans after the first look of sequel of this magical spectacle was unveiled. Daniel Radcliffe is the new addition to the cast. The magician team is said to make a comeback and stage an even bigger show than before! Well are we too excited for this movie to hit the theaters!

10. The Jungle Book

We can’t seem to wait for the live action 3D remake of the hugely successful 1967 animation film the Jungle Book. The new trailer of this live action animation saga looks gripping and as our dear child protagonist Mowgli played by Neil Sethi who is guided by Bagheera and Baloo sets out on a journey of adventure and self discovery in a place which is not exactly friendly or safe. Our best from childhood making to 2016 potential blockbuster !!

11. IP Man 3

IP Man is an upcoming action biographical movie based on martial arts as the central theme, third film in the series based on the life of the Wing Chun Grand-master Yip Man and feature Donnie Yen. Wing Chun is the martial arts master who had trained China’s iconic cult martial arts action hero “Bruce Lee”. This film also stars late actor Bruce Lee ( cinematic liberty taken by the makers to use his character) who’s animated avatar has be regenerated on screen using the CGI technique for the film.