Born In 1993? You Must Have Faced These Problems

Year 1993 was an eventful year. It was the same year Monica Seles beat Steffi Graff for the US Open. It was the same year. Schindler’s list was released. A lot of action happened and amidst the chaos the biggest of them all happened. Of course, the biggest event was that YOU were born. Yes, Born in 1993.
Being born in 1993 had its own challenges. Of course, there’s nothing wrong in the year or that time. Tis’ cool to be from ’93. But as you see everything cool is being accompanied by some drawbacks, so year ’93 had its share of boo-boo’s as well. But the thing is that you’re just twenty three. You’re neither totally independent nor are you a teenybopper. You are confused, and have no way out of this situation. There are a lot of obstacles, yeah!

Born In 1993 Problems
I Hate The Day I Was Born

So What Were The Challenges Of Being Born In 1993?

Challenge #1. You Throw Tantrum But It Won’t Work

That’s because adults take you seriously and they might respond in an unexpected manner. It ends with you chickening out of the situation. In fact, this serious thing makes you more serious.

Born In 1993 Problems
I Am An Adult

Challenge #2. You Might Be Declared Gay If You Do Not Have A Girlfriend

You have been dumped at least five times by five different girls and you are heart broken. Another girl would mean more pain. But your parents want to see you start your family in near future and they expect you to go backpacking for it.

Born in 1993
I Am Not Gay

Challenge #3. Tattoos are Not Cool Any More

In fact, you want to get rid of them all because your boss said so. After all she/he wants you look like a professional executive and not a psycho.

Born In 1993 Problems
Tattoos Are Not Cool Any More

Challenge #4. You have A Car But You Want A New One, But You Don’t Have Enough Cash

While you plan on kidnapping your boss or hacking into your company’s accounts. But you know neither plan will work. So you bury yourself deep into your work and give your old car a paint-job.

Born In 1993 Problems
Go Pay For Your Car

Challenge #5. You Don’t Want To Vote Anymore

You liked the idea to vote in the elections the day you turned eighteen. But now that you realize all the politicians are corrupted, you decide to take some time off on election day. Relax is they keyword.

Born In 1993 Problems
I Don’t Vote Anymore

Challenge #6. You Still Did Not Manage To Grow A Beard.

Who wants to be a babyface, after all? So you try all sort of weird tricks to grow facial hair. (No, that hair serum only works on your head, silly).

Challenge #7. You Think About MBA, But It Is Not Education That Matters

What matters is you hook with an entrepreneur gal. After all, where there is money, love will surely exist there. Rest of the things suck.

Challenge #8. You Are Bored And Tired Of All Porn Websites.

Actually, you realized just now that great looks don’t matter. It is who readily finishes all the chores in the house that matters the most. Moreover, you get a free caretaker who won’t charge any money and who is also great in bed.

Born In 1993 Problems
I Am Not Watching Porn

Challenge #9. Your Mom and Dad Stopped Paying Your Bills

You are sad because all the excitement of your life fizzed out as you grew up. But the biggest reason was that your Mom and Dad stopped paying your bills. They even expect you to have a real job. So the fun in your life goes right out of the window.