Bollywood In Flames,10 Actors In Bollywood Who Are Chain Smokers

Celebrities have an ironclad image in the society. What’s more? Well they are the face of the country, be an ambassador, politician (some may have entered), favourite superstars, etcetera. At the end of the day, they ruin that face which have made them preeminent.
There folks in entertainment world can’t help themselves from their vile habits. Drinking, Smoking, Abusing is part of their protocol. Several Bollywood and T.V actors are chain-smokers. They just can’t help themselves and stop the carvings even during public gatherings.
Be Cautious, its smoky ahead.

Shahrukh Khan

The ‘Badshah’ of Bollywood is leading the team of chain-smokers. His image regarding smoking is so bad that he even smokes during the press interviews. What’s his daughter say on smoky habit, “How can you be a youth role model, if you will constantly smoke”. “Spit it out dude, you need to quit it now”.

Ajay Devgan

The serious contender of Bollywood was banned several times due to his smoking habits in public. There is a complaint lodged with state tobacco control cell for his disgusting habit. Feels like he is living in a smoky world.