Here Are 20 Things You Do/Face Everyday Which Are Life Threatening

Did You Know Your Life is at Risk Every Single Day? Read on to know more....

You know how we go through life doing our everyday tasks thinking them to be absolutely safe and harmless?… Well here’s NEWS Flash! These things listed below are regular parts of our daily activities, some so much so that we don’t even notice that we are doing them. But these are actually dangerous… VERY VERY DANGEROUS..

1. Driving

    Driving, an activity we undertake on a daily basis, but do not realize just how fatal it can be. Millions of people lose their lives each year to driving accidents. In fact flying is believed to be safer than driving.
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2. Sitting Down

Sitting Down for prolonged periods, like on a long flight is dangerous too. Long sitting period means a lack of movement, specially in the lower body. This could lead to formation of blood clots in your veins which could go to your heart.

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3. Breathing

You read that right. The rise in air pollution has rendered the quality of air so toxic, that living in a metro or a fast developing city has visible effect on your health.