From Sharks To Poisonous Waste By Humans.Here Is A List Of 10 Dangerous Beaches Across The World.

Paradise is not always what it looks like, sometimes it can also be living hell and there are several places in this weird world which are bliss for many but when you walk in, there is inferno all around. With 70 percent of water on our planet and most have formed into rivers, seas and oceans, with the passage of time these seas formed their own islands and beaches. As we all know beaches are living heaven and everyone is just fond of the view but many of us don’t know there are numerous shores which holds the dangers in itself. No doubt, they are stupendous but deadly.

Here are 10 most precarious beaches in the world which holds hidden dangers.

Fraser Islands (Australia)


Australia has one of the most beautiful seashores in the world and Fraser island is one of them but the charm has its own dangers. It is the home of many creepy creatures like poisonous jellyfish, deadly great white sharks, salt water crocodiles and vicious spiders. Sadly many fatalities have occurred on this beach.

Playa Zipolite (Mexico)


Zipolite is one of the natural beach in the world with clean and crystal water apart from that, stretched about 40 meters wide and 2 km long. The beach is known for shooting many films but the strange point is that it is dangerous to surf in waters as the currents are so strong that the waves throw the surfers out of the seas. After number of casualties a life saving team was formed and since then there have been decrease in deaths.

Chowpatty Beach (India)


It is difficult to find clean beaches in India specially in the interior parts. The beaches of Mumbai are worst because of polluted waters. The beach is home of garbage and swimming should be avoided. Fecal coliform was recorded in the water and is far beyond the level. Moreover all sewers and drains wastes fall into the beach water. Thus, increasing the level of lethal chemical.