Bad Mom From Ohio Commits A Grave Sin

An Ohio mother was sentenced to life in jail for her contribution in the sexual assault of her 12-year-old little girl. She surely qualifies to be a bad mom. Why? Wait till you read this.
Jeannie Mae Carpenter conceded not long ago to offering her some assistance with living in beau, James John Kirksey, assault one of her kids.

Bad Mom
Jeanne Mae Carpenter

Judge Frank Fregiato passed on the sentence to the lady on Wednesday in a Belmont County court.

You Will Be Shocked To Know What This Bad Mom Did

Carpenter conceded to charges of one tally of complicity to confer assault, two numbers of allowing to youngster misuse, one tally of jeopardizing kids, and one check of hindering authority business.
She will be qualified for parole in 20 years and need to enroll as a Grade Three sexual culprit at regular intervals for whatever is left of her life.

Bad Mom
Carpenter In Court

Her former sweetheart, who was at that point an enlisted sexual offender before the case was filed against him. This historysheeter was sentenced to two life terms in jail by the same judge in November.
Police said the assaults happened while Carpenter held down her little girl as Kirksey assaulted the youngster.
It’s hazy how often the kid was assaulted or when the sexual misuse against the young lady started.
She reported it to a relative that mother’s sweetheart had been manhandling her throughout the previous two weeks. The Judge even went on to say that if the child could not trust her mother, then who else could she find trustworthy enough to protect her. Such was the grievous conduct of the culprit, that he even conferred the case to the status of a wrongdoing against nature.
This post could educate you lot on the worst kind of moms. A mother is a divine gift to mankind. People like Jeannie Mae Carpenter tarnish the reputation of mothers. We can’t call her a bad mom. She is not even fit to be a parent.