Baby Tiger Is Plunged Into Water For First Swim

When I went through this video’s initial scenes, my heartbeats had ceased for some time. I found this video way too cute. After all, who wouldn’t say that this baby tiger is cute? I feel like taking this white tiger cub in my hands and kiss it millions of times. It is so cute to look at. There are so many people who have liked this video as well.
Well, there’s such a load on cats when it comes to bath. Cats hate water and so do all in the cat family. No wonder, they smell so much. This white cub is no different. Do whatever you want to, this young guy just wouldn’t take it. It does not like the water at all. Brrrrrrr…….. it’s so cold. Wait, it can’t even dip its feet in it. It stumbles, fumbles and tumbles but keeps the water at bay.
This baby tiger is made to swim by its instructors. Its very important for the tigers to learn to swim, especially when they are in a protected environment. Otherwise, they are slack in their natural instincts. If they are left into their natural environment, then there is a higher probability of them being unable to sustain in the wild.
Anyway, you have a look at the cute video and remember to share it with your friends. I still wish I could hold it in my hands.