Baba Vanga's Prediction For The Year 2016

Tarot Cards, Astrology, and numerous other such practices are existent just because of the human curiosity to know about their future, but little do they know that these are hardly true. It is just their instinct and the so-called sixth sense that makes these predictions true. But as was shown in all the parts of Final Destination, there are a few people who can ACTUALLY FORESEE FUTURE. Hard to digest this fact, right?

Baba Vanga: Foresee

Call her Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova, Vangelia Gushterova, or the most famous, Baba Vanga, she was a blind woman who died in 1996 with the title of being a Bulgarian mystic and a clairvoyant. She gave the world much more than anyone ever thought of. A person who engulfed herself in mystic studies to such an extent that people started believing she possessed some supernatural powers. And why shouldn’t they? She gave her hard proofs and reasons to believe her, and you will also get engulfed in that belief by reading the following excerpt.
Baba Vanga: The future teller
The future teller blind woman