Awesome And Tasty Facts About Pasta

If there is one part of the world that is awesome in terms of weather, romance, culture, art and food—it has to be that of Italy. We are so under the charm of Italian food that the commercial churners and the nearby bistros—all seem to have been hit with this phenomenon. Italian food is yum and when it comes to pasta, there barely is one person who does not like it, some may be in love while some maybe be skeptical but the pasta revolution has touched us all. Here are the best facts about pasta that you never knew about.

1. Eating it right

Facts about pasta - Simple yet awesome
Simple yet awesome

A common yet unnoticed pick among the facts among pasta is that this is supposed to be eaten only with a fork. Restaurants around the globe serve pasta accompanied by a spoon and a fork but then, traditionally, you need to eat it with a fork. The spoon is for amateurs, for those with low manners or for kids. Wake up!

2. Macaroni leads

Facts about pasta - Yummy delights
Yummy delights

It is not just Joey on F.R.I.E.N.D.S who landed a role in MAC and Cheese while also loving the dish, we too love macaroni with cheese. This is the most loved pasta dish around the world, followed by spaghetti with meatballs and finally lasagne.

3. Pasta lasts for ages

Facts about pasta - Make it tastier
Make it tastier

If you have been fretting over an overstocked shelf of pasta container—stop worrying. This is a must-know pick among the facts about pasta. Uncooked pasta can have a shelf life of more than a year. In case you have cooked the pasta, you can freeze it. This makes it safe for consumption for upto three months.

4. Healthy pasta treats

Facts about pasta - How to eat it
How to eat it

Did you know that pasta—unless you override it with too much cheese—is actually a complete nutrition-laced meal. It gives you high energy but does not have too many bad calories.

5. The variety

Facts about pasta - It is all about the shape
It is all about the shape

Another top pick among the facts about pasta is that this food has more than 600 variants and come with close to 1500 names. The names and styles vary as per the region they are made in as well.

6. Pasta around lanes

Facts about pasta - Tasty deal indeed
Tasty deal indeed

In case you visit Italy, you could find little toddlers and old grand moms sitting on the porches, their home lanes and rolling pasta dough and shaping it.

7. Al dente pasta

Facts about pasta - Al dente it is
Al dente it is

The Italians and real connoisseurs of pasta never allow pasta to be completely cooked. The style is called al dente. Pasta, that can be completely held on to the fork without a slip is called overcooked! Now that is one of the mind boggling facts about pasta.

8. A month for pasta

Facts about pasta - Celebrate Pasta month
Celebrate Pasta month

Forget Halloween or Diwali, October is a month celebrated as National Pasta Month in the USA!

9. Pet pasta

Facts about pasta - Pet food
Pet food

And to wrap up, this is an awesome choice among the facts about pasta. Pasta is sanctioned as a safe dish even for cats and dog! High five!
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