Avoid These Things While Flirting

Flirting is not everybody’s cup of tea. Many have the capability to charm while others simply cannot do enough to impress a woman . What actually works is still a mystery. We wish if there was only one answer to this question. What is it that the men should do while flirting?
It is extremely difficult to understand women. What works on them is far more complex than you think it is. It depends on the woman herself, and what type of human being she is. Moreover, this answer is more of an emotional thing than a logical one.

Here Are Some Of The Ways You Could Avoid Making A Mess Of Yourself While Flirting

1.  Don’t stare at the woman you want to flirt with. You are not playing Shrek The Ogre where everyone will forgive you. Just don’t behave like a stalker
2. Don’t try pick up lines. A simple conversation should do the unless you are a born klutz
3.  Try to be funny, but keep out the sexist jokes, otherwise nothing could save you
4. Stop pretending. You are best at imitating yourself then somebody else. She’s not dumb, she could catch you in a second
5. Never send a girl requests on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, all in the same night. Do not be an online stalker at any cost