Assets Of A Long Term Relationship

Talking about relationships, well a long term relationship to be specific, there’s just so much that strikes our mind and so much that feels inside the heart, yeah right there as soon as we start to think about relationships. The relationships we have, had or may be the ones we aspire to have in our lives.
What does it really take to make the relationship last long? How does the concept called forever and togetherness actually come into existence?
Here are the 7 biggest assets of a long term relationship-

1. Respect

respect each other
Respect in a relationship

Some aspects are just so obvious yet so rare, isn’t it? Talking about a long lasting relationship, I believe respect for each other is something that builds the foundation and somehow strong foundations always lead to relationships that last life-long. Respecting each other’s individuality and never losing that respect factor in any worst scenario is something a couple should always remember and take care of.

2. Communication

Love & communication

Communication is surely and undeniably crucial player in a relationship. Couples need to remember that it’s communication between two people that brings them close and it’s communication that keeps the relationship go on smoothly. Words have a power to keep the connection alive, always remember that. Discuss matters with each other; share the routines, express as much as you can. After all its talking to each other that keeps the bond strong.

3. Appreciation

Appreciate each other

Appreciation? Well it keeps the magic alive you know? Which partner doesn’t like being appreciated in a relationship? Appreciating each other is a practice every couple must adopt. By appreciating your partner and his/her efforts you in a way give them recognition and express the fact that you are grateful to them and their presence is something very special to you.

4. Freedom and space

long term relationship -space-in-a-relationship
Couple discussions

In a relationship both the partners must remember that a little space is always needed to retain a person’s individuality. There’s a difference between spending time together and spending too much time together. The spark in order to stay needs space too. You gotta remember that. Relationships last longer when there’s an adequate amount of freedom and space in it. You don’t have to act as an over- possessive jerk, to ensure a long term relationship, simple.

5. Trust

Trust in a relationship

It’s trust that completes a relationship. You can’t expect a relationship to last long if doubts are your best friend. The concept called love rests on the foundation called trust. Trust on your partner as well as faith in your relationship is something you surely need, to make your relationship last long. Eradicate distrust to lead a happy love life.

6. Remember the word MUTUAL

Couple in love

There’s nothing in a relationship that can make a relationship last if things aren’t mutual between the two partners. Be it love, care, pampering, being responsible or working towards relationship goals. It’s supposed to be mutual. The relationships that have the mutual feeling always prove to be a long term relationship.

7. Intimacy

Couple getting Intimate
Intimacy in a couple

Last but indeed one of the most important asset of a long-lasting relationship, yeah intimacy it is. Physical touch is surely something that plays a major role in a relationship. If you ask me, I would probably say that two souls start to connect when two bodies come close. Thereby, intimacy increases the passion as well love for each other, strengthening you bond and ensuring a long term relationship.
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