Are You Dating Wrong Every Time? This Would Help You Pick The Right One!

There are lots of people in this world who hide their true personality and even those who are closest to them may never really know who they really are. To give you a level of transparency, we have enlisted some of the most effective ways which will give you the access to the reality behind the mask.

  • Emotional Quotient: Pay attention to a person’s behavior and actions when he is emotional. Well it does not apply only for sad part but also for the happy ones. Notice whether the person is involving you in their happy moments or abandoning you in the in their distress or vice versa. A good person will generally include you in their happiness and keep you away from all the problems, pain, and suffering.

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  • Money Spending: People generally spend their money on what they love most, so their spending behavior can reveal a lot about their personality and also the priorities of their life. Believe their credit card statement and not their words if you really want to peek inside the mask of a person to see their true personality.

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  • Handling Criticism: How a person handles criticism or how he/she reacts when criticized can say much about that person’s personality. Whether the person accepts his/her mistake or brings egoistic tries to give justification for that, gives you an indication of his/her behavior. The worst part in an argument is not the mistake but the justification given for the same.

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  • Social Media Accounts: In the 21st century, this is the most effective way to see who someone really is. You can easily find a lot of public information from a person’s social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. which can help you get an idea of their overall personality. You can learn about a person’s character from the things they post, the kind of people they are friends with, the channels they have subscribed to, the page they have liked, all the tiny things from photos to meals, pets and family.

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  • Behaviour with Parents/Friends: You would also want to see how a person treats his/her parents when something is against their wish. Someone who cannot respect his/her parents surely cannot respect anyone else in this world. Also notice how that person’s behaviour is with his/her friends and does he/she talk negatively with you at their back. If the person criticizes his/her friends behind their back, chances are that he/she will talk negative about you as well.

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  • Response to Adversity: It is very important for you to observe a person in times of adversity to find the true colors of their personality. Do notice their behavior or their reaction closely when someone says “No” to them or goes against them. If someone realizes a person of his/her mistake, does he/she apologize accepting the mistake or start an argument. Their reaction in a situation of extreme anger or how they respond in crunchy situations, might reveal a lot about the person you want to really know about.

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  • Equation with Animals: Try to find out their equation (love or hate) with animals or how their behavior is towards them. If a person hurts an animal or a bird that can’t even speak or share their sorrows with us, do you still think you need to observe that person any more?

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