Are Good Looks Everything? 25 Fascinating Questions About Beauty And Attraction Explained.

What is attraction ?
You look at someone for the very first time and there’s just somethings about them that you find to be so very special. Something about their eyes, or their facial structure that appeals to you and before you know it, BAAM, you find yourself infatuated with them.
Now this is how the average person would define attraction.
But science has something else to say in this matter.
Like did you know that woman are genetically inclined to have a certain preference for older men ? And that alcohol makes people look more attractive than they really are ?
More such interesting stuff ahead to teach you how attraction really works.

1. Men are attracted to females who have a similar bone structure to their mothers.This is due to a process known as $exual imprinting, due to which we find those faces to be attractive which we are used to seeing in childhood.

Science Of Attraction
Science Of Attraction