Archaeologists Reveal The 24 Strangest And Most Bizarre Things Ever Dug Up.

Archaeologists and scientists don’t come across the usual stuff in their line of work. No, in fact their profession introduces them to the weirdest things in human history. Still, there are some things that are dug up from time to time that can shock even the most experienced of researchers.
From baby skeletons to prehistoric human brain, these are the weirdest things ever dug by archaeologists ever.

1. Head Of King Henry

I don’t know what this man did during his reign. But whatever it was, must have been really bad. Because even after he was assassinated and removed from the throne, his body was later exhumed in 1793 and was beheaded by an angry mob. While the body was left there, his head had been missing ever since. Until it was found in the attic of a french tax collector who claimed to have bought the head via auction !

Weird Discoveries
Weird Discoveries