Animal Lovers- A Relationships That May Shock You- Sit Back And Keep A Cool Head

It is said that by 2050, Lions will be extinct. There is also a very high degree of probability that the act- Endangered Species Protection Act, may get imposed on them. There are many more such acts which are made to protect some of these species so that they do not become extinct.

 1. South Africa

There are some privately owned wildlife parks in South Africa. They are such that they may give you numb ribs when you see those.

2. Extinct species

Lions are gradually becoming extinct. This is the main reason why so many acts are made to protect them. Once you Google, you will have several links to educate yourself. Try it today to know the reasons, the primary one is – Hunting
A lions yawns at Nairobi's National Park March 11, 2013. The park is located just 7 km (4 miles) from the Kenya's capital city center. REUTERS/Marko Djurica (KENYA - Tags: ANIMALS ENVIRONMENT) - RTR3EUC0

3. Lazmi and her private wild life park 

Lazmi has been rearing FOUR lions in her private park. She has known them since they were cubs. A bond so special- may make you breathe faster.
lazmi with cubs

4. Lazmi feeding cubs- her companions

Lazmi used to feed these cubs herself. She has looked after them like her own babies.

5. Playing with Lions

Lazmi, when around, if she is ok, any visitor may visit these lions too. If you dare visit these lions in her absence, the story will be entirely different.
holding the tail

6. Being friends with WILD

If you want to be friends with Lions, be their friend since the time they were cubs.
easy times

7. Caging these wild animals

Lazmi says that the primary reason behind these lions treating her so well is the fact – she never tried to train them. She never even caged them. They have always been kept free and easy. It is her bit of contribution, she is trying to protect this specie from getting extinct.

8. Giving the space 

Lazmi does not keep herself always right next to these Lions. She lets them be as well!
private wildlife park

9. Circus-Bad for Lions

It is fun to see lions and tigers in circus, but! you only add to the punishment because they are kept in chains/ cage. It is sad.

10. Yes- They are scary

If you see them free and you go to say hello- yes this is scary. You may become their meal.
If you want to get close to Lions or tigers, make sure you are friends with them since they were tiny. Because this is how they will connect with you, else will not.
There have been two incidents which have scared people to death. The recent one is from China, a woman was attacked by a Lion who tried to save her daughter in one of the Lion/ Tiger reserve.
Another one is from Zoo in Delhi, India. A guy named Maqsood jumped inside White Tiger’s section. Though he died but his body has been studied by experts. In total, there were 27 injuries. The tiger did not have any hunting skills and was originally trying to play with the victim.
You do not irritate them they will not do it to you. The equation is straight and simple. If you wish to play with them, catch them young.