Animal Care Rescued An Injured Pitbull And During The Closer Examination They Found The Real Reason Behind His Sacrs!!

Story of animal torture isn’t uncommon any more. You do not have to step out of your house to notice it. Many a times we are ourselves responsible without actually knowing it. If you are wondering how, then read on.
There are many instances when you will actually see the domestic atrocities on house pets. The canines found at home are usually left in the car under the blazing hot sun. Many a times they die after a bout of dehydration. Many a times the opponents abuse them by kicking them around. There has been an instance where men have leashed the dog and then smacked it with a ice hockey club or a baseball bat.
ESCAMBIA investigators say this dog was dragged down a road Tuesday, Sept. 2,behind a pickup truck.

Most of the times, they are used as prizefighters. Some breeds are used in hound racing while the others end up in dog fighting. Most of the time their ears are snipped off so that they are not overpowered by their opponents.

This dog was spotted on the streets of New York, with unhealed wounds and blood still oozing out of them. Some of them had turned into watery lesions and were full of puss. It was clear that the dog needed medical attention. The Local Animal Care spotted it and immediately provided the necessary treatment to the dog. They then christened it Hope, because she had survived all odds and regained full health. Now she was recuperating at a steady pace.
When they researched the background of the dog, they discovered it was a bait dog. Dog Baiting is a cruel sport which tests the ferocity of the animal. There were whip marks on its hide. The people who must have owned it must have been insane.