An Open Letter To My Ex-Boyfriend

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I don’t regret falling in love with you dear Ex-boyfriend, though sometimes the amount of time and emotions I invested in a relationship that ended up like this surely haunts me.

The nights when flashbacks happen and I keep on changing sides because sleep seems to be not so great companion at times and all I am left with is wondering, seeking answers and introspecting about those various WHYs.

 Regret Falling in Love, Image Source:
Regret Falling in Love, Image Source:

After every dark night there comes a bright sunshine and that is what defines me today. You went away to make me who I am today, you went away to help me trace who I actually was and what hidden potentials I had, you went away to make me realize my worth and that worth was surely worth it.
You used to tell me how beautiful I was everyday but my inner beauty came in picture when tears flowed after you left, you used to tell me I have leading capabilities but I came out to be a leader of my own life after you left, you used to say my words have a magic but I gave meaning to those magical words after you left.
I grew out to be an independent woman and more importantly a beautiful mature woman who did not choose to cry anymore and regret, instead I learnt from those flaws of our relationship. I thought about it for such a long time, cried, went into depression, did crazy stuff to get over you but then there came a stage where I realised that my approach of moving on was certainly not right.

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I was trying to hate you or probably unlove you but then there came a stage where I made peace with myself and realised that this thing called UNLOVE doesn’t exist. We can never unlove people we once loved and I can never unlove a man who was once a part of me, as simple as that.
Just that life moves on, we make peace, new people come and old people leave as lessons. You were happiness and sadness both. You taught me love and heartbreaks both. You made me feel love and made me experience pain of losing love too, but most of all you made me grow and made me who I am today.
P.S I do miss us at times but that doesn’t mean I want things back because hopes make sense where will power to work out a relationship exists. You are an Ex-boyfriend for a reason I believe. I deserve a man who loves me unconditionally for what I am and lastly a man who wouldn’t give upon me ever.

Happy Woman

Take care and good luck Ex-boyfriend
Your Ex-girlfriend #No regrets#


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