An Open Letter To My BFF Thanking Her For A Lot…

To my best friend (BFF) and my soul sister,

This letter is just to thank you for everything 🙂

Dear BFFLife has changed to a large extent. We are probably too busy building our careers and solving the mess of our personal lives. Although I haven’t seen you in a while, I really want you to know that I think a lot about you. Times when I smile and realize how much I miss laughing with you, actually I miss those laughs where you made me laugh so hard that it felt I would actually pee in my pants. You meant everything bff, always have always will.


I haven’t seen you in a while and nor am I aware where your weekends are passed. I don’t know what you’ve been upto in past few days and nor I get to hear your voice on phone daily like the good old times, but one thing is sure and that there’s nothing more cherish-able than our late night phone calls and nothing more inspiring than your “bitch please, I know you can do it” kinda speeches. Gosh I miss them, I really do!!
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Thank you so much best friend for sticking by my side even if we don’t see each other as frequent as before. Thank you for being the strongest pillar of my life and never letting me realize my flaws and weaknesses. Thank you for letting me know my mistakes so beautifully that I could actually grow so differently and maturely. I am thankful for all those times when you made me feel like family whenever I had this huge crap fight at my home. With you it has always been different and no matter what, we seem to always pick up from where we had left. There’s no timeline that exists or may be ever existed between us. Seems like it was all meant to be, isn’t it? There’s nothing more special seeing you upload those old pictures with me and writing those incredibly cute captions defining our crazy times. Always remember honey, I am the biggest cheer leader of your life in every happiness of your life and more importantly a private clown who is there to cheer you in your sadness.

You have been my backbone when I was close to giving up and there’s nothing in this world that can replace that feeling when you hug me so tight to tell me “everything’s gonna be all right.” Ever since I have met you, life has surely become 100 times easier and maybe I can never thank you enough for it “my saviour”. I might not have been expressive but all I know is that you are irreplaceable and that my soul connects with your soul. From bitching about those mean girl resembling group to checking out hot guys in the cafe, from discussing sex life to how awful that ex was at kissing, we’ve lived an eternity together and trust me this means the world to me. It’s your name and only yours that strikes me when I think of my bridesmaid. Only you can take my shopping freak attitude and let me know when is the saturation point of spending any more money on those Steve Madden shoes. Oh honey I love you so much. There’s no one who can replace your perfect pout complementing my imperfect pout in our endless selfies but then who needs someone else? LOL. Girl you complete me and I am glad to be called as your BFF!!!
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P.S There is no one on this Earth I connect with more than you and I will love you as my best friend forever and the infinities between us are beautiful. XOXO
Your crazy bitch 😀