This Is What Happened When Americans Saw Arnab Goswami And The Indian News

Reaction videos are getting pretty popular these days. These videos include reactions to trailers, movies, horror clips, comedy movies or maybe even a reaction to reaction videos.
But out of all these, my favorite are culture-shock reactions where citizens of a particular country watch and experience a completely different culture.
Buzzfeed has done a lot of videos about this particular segment. That is American People react to Indian _ & _ . There are plenty of videos devoted to the interface between Indian and American audiences.  I think there are plenty of Indian brothers and sisters working at Buzzfeed.
So , previously we showed you Americans react to Indian snacks and we learnt that Americans have no clue about us Indians. The only things that come to their mind when they think of India are Bollywood, Butter Chicken, Taj Mahal and a huge growing population.
But it’s about time that they learn that India is more than all that.
In this video, Americans decide to switch their local News channels and instead tune in to the voice of our nation. Of course by the voice of the nation,  I’m obviously referring to this guy.

Arnub Goswami
Arnub Goswami

Wanna know what happens when people who are used to watching a rather sophisticated and cultured news channel opt for some masala entertainment ?
See for yourself. We don’t want to ruin the pleasure you are about to experience.

And while you are at it, Buzzfeed, why don’t you introduce Indian soap operas to american audiences ?
We’d just love to watch how their brain process that.