Americans Listen To Our Very Own Desi Kalakaar : Honey Singh And Their Reaction


Ladies & Gentleman, allow me to introduce to you the one and the only Honey Singh.

Americans Listen To Honey Singh, Image Source: flickr
Americans Listen To Honey Singh, Image Source: flickr

You can choose to love him or hate him, but you simply can’t ignore him.
With his alligator hairstyle, senseless lyrics, objectification of woman, alcohol abuse and obnoxious attitude, Honey Singh has surely made a mark in Indian Music industry.

Americans Listen To Honey Singh

And while he wishes for his talent and music to be appreciated by international audiences, let’s see how well he is really viewed by American audiences. It’s about time that he receives critical opinion if he wishes to bring home a Grammy, right ?

Some of the reactions he received were –

” It’s so sickening, but I want to watch more of it “

” He rhymed paani with sunny “

We’re truly sorry Americans that you had to go through this.

Watch The Full Video In The Link Below –

Although out of all the talented Indian artists, why they decided to choose him is beyond my understanding.


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