Amazing Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas !!

Pre-wedding photo shoots are memories for life time. Memories which make you fall in love all over again whenever you see those captured moments.
So let’s take a look at the sweet yet spicy, crazy yet graceful, madness filled yet love symbolising, pre-wedding photo shoot ideas.

1. Let sign boards do the talking

bollywoodshaadicom    Image source:

Words are probably the best creation of God. They say it all. At times it just takes few words to commit and tie knots. Just few words to make a forever bond and just two words to make it last ” I do”.
So using signboards for your pre-wedding photo shoot is definitely an amazing idea. What say?

2. The railway track concept                                     Image source:

Ahhh, I believe the image above says it all. Railway tracks are surely a very latest and unique location to get your pre-wedding photo shoots captured. If you ask me, I can actually relate this concept to the fact that before you lose someone forever, make sure you express your love and never let them go, because regrets my friend are the worst enemies of we humans. Actually never let them fall can also be interpreted from this concept. Am I being too philosophical? LOL.

3. The love that’s deep like an ocean 3                                   Image source:

Love, an amazingly magical feel that make you feel a depth, the depth that makes you fall for you partner more & more with each new day. So why not to symbolise this depth of your love by having a photo shoot near or inside water? And not to forget the favourite “TITANIC POSE” is never out of fashion.

4. Love is in the air

11220056_1082330791780032_5626470531771847775_nImage source:

Ahhh, as they say love is in the air, so why not show that magical love is in the air concept in your pre-wedding photo shoot too? I am totally in love with this idea seeing this amazingly captured shot, are you?

5. The Vintage era

12105982_1073600795986365_953559985712661135_nImage source:

The super classy and stylish concept, yes you heard it right, it’s the vintage concept. Dress up like the vintage times, create an ambience that complements your outfits and the vintage concept. With those books and lanterns, those head bands to bows, from the wine bottles to hats, just create the best out of it. This idea for pre-wedding shoot is surely a really classy and creative one.

6. The family flavour

weddingdelhicom   Image source:

Ohhh lala, talking about weddings and photography but forgetting the family? No! NO! That is surely not fair. So how about adding a bit of  “the family spicy flavour” to your pre-wedding photo shoot? Sounds cool isn’t it. After all as they say “SHAADI DOH LOGO KI HE NAI, DOH PARIVARO KE BHE HOTI HAI” ( It isn’t only two people who get married, it’s also two families that get married.

7. Love under the stars

10397814_1076113275735117_3020971440977289941_nImage source:

This one is surely stupendous. I mean just a thought of getting a photo shoot like this makes me feel so romantic. What say? Doesn’t it sound perfect? Two people in love being captured with an “under the stars concept”. Breath-taking surely.

8. The Astronomy concept

myweddingdecoration.netImage source:

When love is meant to happen and two people are supposed to be together, the entire universe starts working out the ways to make sure that this love story lasts forever. Talking about universe, how about using the astronomy concept in your pre-wedding photo shoot? Sounds cool isn’t it? When even planets and stars are making you go closer to your partner.
P.S make your pre-wedding photo shoot worth it, these are once in a life time memories which are going to be cherished forever.