Akshay Kumar Is Proud Of This 19 Year Old Girl

Women are often termed as weak and helpless but this brave heart 19 year old girl from Mumbai has done something that will put all the women haters to shame immediately as the girl has outshone at the age of 19 and the success of this girl has not only made Akshay Kumar proud of it but the nation is gorging upon the story of this brave heart who fought brilliantly against the man who attempted raping the girl.

Akshay’s Women Defence Centre has done great job

Akshay Kumar soon after the Nirbhaya case, opened up the Women Self Defence Centre where all ladies are given martial training free of cost.
The brave heart Shreya Naik

Shreya Naik, 19, is a second year BMS student in a suburban college in Andheri. She enrolled in WSDC along with her sister after her mother learnt about it. What Shreya, who had just moved out of the basic level to intermediate level, didn’t know is that she will soon be putting all that she’s learnt at the centre to test.
Last week when Shreya was returning from her internship around 6.30 p.m. she was going through the shady streets of Andheri, she saw a man wearing the dress of a waiter staring at her creepily. And as expected the man started following the girl back her way home.