Afterlife Theory Is Not Just A Hoax, It Actually Exists

Debates, discussions and rigorous researches have been carried out on this topic since a long time with no solid proof or theory that one can be believed on. As a matter of fact, the topic has been now religiously molded in such a manner that each religious group has something else to believe. And those who are atheists have a point of view that remains just out of the box, and in a way, does seem practical. Mentioned below are a few theories of life after death that many people accept as a fact!

Theory 1: The Atheist Theory

Afterlife: Atheists
Atheists believe that there is no afterlife

The most common and not entirely illogical theory is the one that is believed by many of the atheists. They are of a simple view that when you die, your so-called soul dies. There is no afterlife, no eternal soul, or anything like that. Though the theory isn’t that bad, but a few real-life instances do contradict it! Not fixating on the otherwise, but there is a slight chance of this theory being true. Moreover, these atheists do believe in living a life full of excitement and adventure, as they don’t have to worry about the future, or how would they be in the next life!

Theory 2: The Cycle Afterlife Theory

Afterlife: The Cycle Theory
The Cycle Theory

It is a common belief in many religions, and even otherwise, that though the person dies, the soul never dies! It reincarnates changing its body form, which means you might be a human being in one form, while in the next incarnation, you might just turn into a turtle. This theory also states that humans are the most intelligent form in which, the soul persists, and that it is the best form to achieve God.

Theory 3: The Stamping Theory

Afterlife: Stamping
The Stamping Theory

Though less common, this theory states that all the souls are just a part of a play, just like Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” It is also believed that one lifetime is just a role, and that after the role expires, or when death knocks a human’s door, it is actually the time for the soul to change its role. And another thing that is different from what Shakespeare said is that he specified just the human beings to be a part of this play, but factually, even the smallest insect has a role to play. For those souls that have a special attachment with the God, they have been stamped so that they could reach back their actual home after completing their responsibility.

Theory 4: The Tribal Theory

Afterlife: The Tribal Theory
Soul remains lost on Earth

Many tribal religions on this Earth’s surface are of the view that the soul never leaves the Earth’s surface, even after the physical death of the body possessing it. Instead, it remains on Earth and join in the spirits of the ancestors. They keep on roaming here and there, feel nothing, and wander till eternity. Moreover, many of these spirits are even available for granting some aid. This is what gives rise to those ghostly activities happening at numerous haunted places.

Theory 5: The Scientific One

Afterlife: The Scientific Theory
Scientists have something else to say

And then comes the scientific belief behind afterlife. Though researches have been conducted to know the matter behind soul and to determine its weight, numerous other researchers have also been trying to know what actually happens after death. Though nothing brag-worthy has been achieved through these researches but there is one thing that surely has been found. This has been a theory stating that our soul, which is actually a quantum of information, leaves the body after death and dissolves into the Universe in one way or the other. So yeah, in a way, we do have afterlife as per the scientists!
Hereby, majority theories do state that there is a life after death. No solid proof is there, but the ghostly haunting in those random streets around the world make enough of it!