Roadies Video Of This Woman Goes Viral

How could that man do this? I feel that these kind of psychopath men in India have certainly made it an undesirable environment to live in. Acid attack has become quite a common phenomenon. These kind of loser men either get entangled in a one-sided love affair or they hold a grudge against a person. Since they can’t cope with a rejection, the only solution to teach ‘that’ person a lesson is to distort her beauty. You need to have a look at this roadies video.
This will teach her not to have an ego
All I want to say to jerks of such kind, if you don’t know shit about humanity, should I kill you.

Really I pity you, LOSER.

The Torture Began After Marriage

The lady in this video is Nasreen, a resident of Lucknow. She has a life full of trials and tribulations. First, she was put up for adoption. Her stepmother did not love her at all. She felt as if she was motherless. After all these years of reluctant rearing, she was finally put up for marriage. It was just like a lamb being put forth for slaughter. The final straw was that her husband was a loser, who burnt her with acid.

Acid Attack
Nasreen Auditioning On Roadies

From day one her marriage was on the rocks. She tried again and again to revive her marriage and make it work, but in vain.
She persuaded her parents to find out a way to solemnize her marriage.
But her father’s reply was shocking and inhuman. He said that the status of a woman is nothing. If your husband leaves you, you will be abandoned by one and all.

Acid Attack Changed Her Life

She left for home and got the biggest scar of her life. Why? All she had wanted was the custody of her two daughters when she filed for divorce.
The real pain was not the hellish life she spent with her husbands. Her struggle reached its peak when she had to actually fight for life post attack.

Acid Attack Nasreen
Nasreen Being Felicitated By Judges On The Show

She was abandoned by her near and dear ones. Those who tried to shelter her were threatened with dire results from the community. She was half-burnt, so no hospital would admit her. The stench from her body was unbearable so nobody would come near her. She had to stay in a weathered house, and ants would gnawing her skin. Nasreen died each day, but her will was not broken.
She remembers saying her doctor to bury her in case she did not make it.
But she survived. She survived long enough to narrate her stories on the popular MTV show Roadies.
Well, that’s a lot she faced. She is an iron lady. Nasreen, we salute you for your courage. Have a look at Nasreen’s audition in this Roadies Video.