Aaron Murray, A Gift To The Family

Aaron murray , X-ray and other scans showed that his brain has not grown enough to be “compatible with life”. Only his brain stem was formed and thus helped him breathe and maintain other body functions. The hollow in his head was filled with fluids.
Aaron Murray's Scan

Hearing a child speak for the first time is one of the landmark moments no mother forgets.

But for Emma Murray, it was a moment she never thought would happen with her youngest child Aaron Murray.

Aaron Murray Newborn
The boy who lived, even when everybody had no hopes.

Emma Murray said “Everything had happened so fast- I didn’t even know I was pregnant, I’d given birth and been told my baby was going to die all in the same 24 hours.”

Aaron Murray, two years from his birth amazed everyone as he spoke his first word “MUMMY”

AARON WAS BORN WITH ONLY A BRAIN STEM-which allows him to breathe and move- but does not have a full brain. He had a very rare health condition known as “holoprosenceohaly” which left him incompatible with life.

Now, after 2 years on, aaron is not only alive but enjoys giggling and clapping his hands with his brother,jack, aged 3

Aaron Murray With His Brother
His siblings have accepted him and he’s growing with love

Aaron has amazed docters so far with his survival- and the family were stunned when a few months ago, Aaron said ‘mummy’ for the first time.

It was an incredibly emotional moment for mum Emma, 24, as she lay playing with two-year-old son.

“There is no known explanation for it.”

Aaron Murray And His Mom
Aaron and mum, Emma capturing the most memorable moment

Doctors claimed they have never seen anything like this brain scan in 20 years.A normal brain scan should show the brain filling all the head cavity up to the top.The brain itself would show as a white area, with black pockets of fluid running around the outside of the brain and through the brain, which allows the transmission of vitamins and to clean itself of toxins.
“On Aaron’s scan the brain stem comes up and stops underneath the cavity which is filled with fluid.” 
“But what is remarkable about this case is that the brain stem doesn’t control our thinking or consciousness, so the fact that he can do things like giggle and smile and say a basic word like ‘Mummy’ is fascinating.