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A Heart Touching Story Of Two Blind Sisters, Who Saw The World For First Time..

How precious are our eyes, with which we are able to see our mother, our family, our life. We still choose to take them for granted. Imagine living a day in darkness. You’ll understand how valuable they are.

To us… To everyone in the world. They are the prized possessions of a human body.

India holds the world’s 1/5th of the blind population, which is a big number, but the most shocking thing is that out of this percentage, more than 50%  of cases are of avoidable blindness or the cases which can be treated with  minor surgeries. Today, we bring a heart touching story of one such case.

In this video, we are introducing you to two born blind sisters Anita and Sonia, who are from  a very poor Indian family, but a miraculous eye operation of just 15 minutes changed their lives forever.

We may not feel the pain of these two blind sisters and their family, but we can definitely feel the happiness of these blind sisters through their priceless smiles when they see their mother and this world for first time after operation.

Tears in the eyes and the word ” Thank you” uttered by their mother are showing  her indescribable feeling of happiness and a hope for her daughter’s brighter future.

The initiative taken by 20/20/20 NGO to provide free operation to these kind of children is commendable. By these efforts, they are spreading the ray of light, filled with a hope of beautiful life, in the lives of these blind children.
Here is the video, have a look at this beautiful heart touching story.

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