Wait Till You See What This Man Did To A Pizza Deliver Guy. You'll Be Shocked…

That’s when I turn around and see the dude with a revolver against his head. He pulls the trigger ‘Click’

Have you ever seen death face to face? I haven’t and I do not wish this for somebody else too. It’s extremely difficult to evade death. Ever seen the movie, Final Destination? Then you know what I mean. If you are lucky enough, you survive the onslaught, else the game is up. But the worst part is, Death, does not come loudly announcing its arrival clearly. It lurks in the dark, in utmost silence and grabs you out of the blue. If you are dead, then there’s no story. But if you survive, this encounter will haunt you for the rest of your lives.

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Here is the story of a Pizza Delivery Boy which will make you pee in your pants. He went for a normal pizza delivery and faces death before escaping to safety.

“I used to work at a Pizza Hut on a Military Base and so the tips were really good. I was invited by the soldiers all the time to have a drink with them. I often got hit by Slutty Army wives to chat and make good money. One night I was on a roll. I had received three ten dollar tips in three hours and it was near the end of the night for me and another driver. Then I got the last delivery.
So I drive off to this house. I knock at the door and somebody answers it. I go inside and hand him the pizza. He takes it and signs the credit card receipt. He goes on to tell me that he was on a posting and his wife had been cheating on him all this time. He was distraught. I try to console him when he pops a question.

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‘Do you believe in God?’, he asks. I am an agnostic, so I say,’No, not really.’ He said that God was a joke but we better hope he exists and likes us both.’ Why?

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That’s when I turn around and see the dude with a revolver against his head. He pulls the trigger ‘Click’. Then he points it at me. ‘Click’. The fucking guy was playing Russian Roulette with our lives. At that point,  I break the screen door and haul arse out of there. I phoned off the MPS as I drove off. I was never able to find out whether the guy was successful in killing himself.”

So wanna play a game of Russian Roulette?