25 Huge Scams You Need Know And Be Really Careful About This Vacation

This is Summers- the holiday season when we all are looking for or in the process of going for a vacation. Whether the vacation is within your country or outside, you have to be cautious about the scams and dupes that are prevalent in every tourist spot.
Most of the tourists are first timers at a particular holiday spot, so more or less they are naive about the place, its culture and its scams.
Here are some common scams and techniques used by scammers to dupe tourists. One must know these 20 stories in order to avoid future loss.

1. Rose Scam-

Beware on a foreign trip where you may encounter paddlers selling roses. They use tactics on couples, by forcing these couples wrongfully to buy them.
After all who would say no to a rose if you have your girlfriend/wife along with you.