9 Lies You Tell Your Husband

Lies!! Ouch!! Aren’t they bad in itself? When it comes to discussing the relationship called marriage, I believe the wives are the ones who always claim the fact that they don’t lie to their husbands. Wives are always considered to be the truthful partners when it comes to the bond called marriage, isn’t it?
I believe that in maximum relationships this fact actually proves to have a weightage, but then there do exist some lies which are told intentionally or unintentionally by wives to their husbands. The lies you being a man’s better half might not be even aware but these lies are told in your journey called marriage.
So here are 9 surprising ways you actually lie to your husbands :-

1. When you restrict your new goals & aspirations to yourself

Lies about hiding goals
Women goals

How often do you find yourself, being a wife hiding those goals and aspirations inside? Just because you feel this wasn’t an original or initial plan or may be because you feel your husband might not respect this goal and the decisions relating to it, doesn’t mean you hide them no? You never realize the fact, but hiding important decisions about yourself, be it your new goals or the steps you are planning to take in respect of those goals are lies too. Isn’t it?

2. Suffocating inside because of past traumas and not sharing it, another lie!!

Depressed woman

Not sharing those hidden past traumas which are making you die inside and are actually suffocating you, is also equivalent to a lie honey. There are many women out there, who do not share their inner sadness and stay depressed because of their messed up pasts but never share their trauma with their husbands. So dear, not sharing your agony with him, too is a lie.

3. When you choose the manipulative approach instead of the straight-forward one

Woman Manipulating husband
Woman manipulating man

Wives are very often found manipulating their husbands about the topics they don’t agree upon. Not getting into straight-forwards conversations and instead making your man loose his mind in your manipulative talks is also a form of lie honey. Isn’t it?

4.  Silent Sacrificing of your wants because you know he doesn’t want it

Lying about own desires
Sacrificing desires

How often being a wife do you find yourself in a situation where what all you want/desire is exactly opposite of what he wants. From the type of penthouse to the parties you wanna go for, if you think this isn’t what he wants, you just silently sacrifice your desires and just go with the flow. That flow obviously is about what he wants. But isn’t that a lie? You not letting him know what you want just because you fear the fact that this isn’t what he wants?

5. Lies where he did hurt you and it’s bothering you but you let it slide

Hurt because of your husband
Hiding how hurt you are

There’s an ocean of emotions inside you and you don’t really show that to your man. He probably does a lot that hurts and bothers you, but you just let it go. You probably pretend that things are okay but this way you aren’t only lying to him but also to yourself.

6. His addictions are a concern for you but you stay silent

man reclining on a table over his drink
Man and his addictions

His addictions like alcohol and smoking are of a great concern to you but there are instances where you stay silent and don’t voice your concern about his addictions. Is that fair and honest on your part? You being a wife, you never realize that staying silent about his addictions and not expressing how much you are concerned and bothered due his wrong addictions is also a lie that you probably tell your husband every day.

7.Lies where your In-laws hurt you but you hide it from your husband

Disturbed woman
Woman disturbed because of in-laws

Now this is probably the most common kinda lie every wife tells her husband. There are heaps of instances where you in-laws say something wrong or something that actually ripped your heart but you choose to stay silent and not tell your husband about it. Ever thought not telling is a lie too?

8. Letting go your career to support his career

Letting go career
Woman letting go her career 

There are times when your career is one of the biggest passions of your life but then you feel that supporting your man’s career is what your priority should be. You sacrifice and compromise with your career in order to support his. He might not even realize this at times but you honey are actually lying to him, indirectly though.

9. Pretending to be happy when you aren’t # Biggest lie


Lying and pretending happiness 

I believe this the biggest lie a wife tells her husband. You pretend happiness in front of your husband just to make him feel satisfied and content. Not only you are lying to your man but also you are being fake to yourself. You are actually killing your inner peace by living with this lie.

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