9 Different Ways People Hug And What It Says About Your Personality.

Yes, you got us right. The way you hug people can say a lot of things about your personality as a whole. The way you hug someone can also be an indication of your comfort level and friendship with them. Some people hug from behind and some see directly into their partner’s eyes while hugging. You hug different people differently like when you hug your lover is very different from how you hug your co-worker. There are various kinds of hugging gestures and all of them can mean different things. So let’s get into its depths.

1.Hugging With A Pat On The Back

Hug with Pat
Hugging with a pat on the back generally, means a reward when someone does something good. It is a friendly and motivating gesture. This gesture has nothing to do with intimacy, it is just a sympathetic hug.

2.Hugging From Behind With Your Arms Wrapped Around Their Waist

Hugging from back
When you hug your special someone from behind it means that you are very loving and protective about them. You do not want to let them go out of your life and that is why you hold onto them tight.

3.Hugging From A Distance

Hugging from far
This kind of hug can sometimes look funny also. As both the person are not much comfortable in each other’s presence. This gesture from both the parties can mean that you both have compatibility issues.