8-Year Old Died On Wedding Night In Yemen

1. 8-year old married to 40-year old

Yes, Yemen has become a place where infant girls, who haven’t even hit their puberty, are made to marry mid-aged men, and this practice has been followed since ages. In recent news, a girl of a mere age of 8 was married to a man who was 40-years old. The story didn’t end here as the monstrous man tried to get intimate with the bride!

Yemen: The prevalent child marriage
Child marriage is prevalent in Yemen

2. The outcome of one such marriage

The intercourse obviously didn’t turn out to be healthy, subject to the undeveloped reproductive parts of the infant. This led to the newly-wed bride suffering from internal injuries and bleeding, which evidently took her life. Since then, several NGO activists have been asking for the arrest of this animal disguised in the form of human being.

Yemen: 8-year old died
The bride died subject to internal bleeding