8 Things You Should Never Ever Do After $ex

We have talked a lot about s*x, what’s sexy and what’s not, what are the biggest turn ons and the turn offs and so on. There is so much to explore about it and so much of magic that is yet to be experienced. But then as much important it is to know for couples what to do during $ex, I believe it is equally important to know what not to do after $ex, isn’t it? P0rn doesn’t teach that after all. 😉 Am I right or am I right??
So here are the things couples should never do after sex and yeah you surely gotta keep them in mind from the next time 😉

1. Don’t just head towards the washroom like you are a thief and police is after you


Ahhh you totally need to avoid that you know? Until and unless there’s a huge emergency, just do not rush to the washroom. It gives your partner a very hopeless kinda feeling making him/her uncomfortable. If you were loving the mess earlier than don’t act so conscious about getting cleaned so rapidly after s*x. You never know if your partner is still in the feeling and wants to go on for more.