8 Signs You Prefer To Ignore That May Prove He Might Be The "Mr. Wrong"

Love!!! Oh it’s supposed to be magical isn’t it? A feeling that makes you feel content all the time no matter where you are. A feeling that makes you feel happy in every situation. A feeling that brings a smile on your face, even in an adverse situation. Ohh yeah that’s love.
In this course of life we women come across many men isn’t it? Men who are childhood friends, the teenage friends, the crushes and attractions, the high-school loves, men who cause hormonal imbalance in our body, men who make us feel beautiful and men who make us feel loved.
But then not always these traits might mean that he’s the Mr.Right, isn’t it? Sometimes in the course of our relationships we forget our self-identity, self-respect and most of all self-love.
So here are signs that he might be Mr.Wrong for you

1. He doesn’t value your opinions


When in your relationship or may be even before getting into a relationship, you feel that he doesn’t value your personal opinions and keeps on finding flaws in them just because he doesn’t think the same way, girl you gotta realize that this bond isn’t gonna work and he is Mr.Wrong.