8 Signs You Need To Stop Pursuing The Girl You Like

Letting go is such a pain, believe me, I know. There are certain things that are not meant to be. See I am an ardent fan of SRK and do believe that “Agar vo mujhse Pyaar karti hai toh vo paltegi” (if she loves me she will turn back and look at me). But seriously dude, there are times in life when you have to keep that self-respect of yours and stop pursuing the girl you like:

1. You’re not her type:

You are good looking, you are rich and caring—wait why doesn’t she like you back? All jokes aside, don’t be surprised, we all have the certain metal picture of our love to be. On the basis of that, we make up our types and reject and accept people according to that.

Pursuing-you are not her type.
Your intrests should match.

The theory of opposites attract seldom works in real life, so if your likings don’t match, you can’t put the blame on her for not being interested in you.

2. She is in the breakup phase:

Every girl is different, true! But they all have this one characteristic, which transcends through their differences.
They are very sensitive!
So if you are pursuing a girl that has just come out of a serious relationship, no matter how understanding or caring you are, she is not going to look at you and find her prince charming.

Pursuing-She is in break up phase
Breakup grief

You even stand a chance of being friend zoned for life. So stop pursuing her. It will be if it’s meant to be.

3. She is leading you on but taking you nowhere:

She is all close and cuddly and calls you up at night and you two share great conversations.
But when you approach her romantically, does she behave a little distant?
This situation is not a one-time phenomenon, you are getting these mixed signals on a regular basis.

Pursuing-she is leading you on ,but taking you nowhere
she is leading you on ,but taking you nowhere

Maybe she is confused about you or just having some fun, but this road is definitely a dead end my friend.
Pursuing-Signs Shes Leading You On and Taking You Nowhere
Signs Shes Leading You On and Taking You Nowhere

4. She is Always caught up with her own life:

They say, “Diamond is a girl’s best friend”.
NO, it’s mirror.

Pursuing-she is always caught up in her own life

In general, girls are a little self-centered and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But when she is self-centered all the time and your advice and feelings hold no importance. It’s the boldest signal from the heavens above, to stop pursuing her.

5. You always get introduced as a friend:

Just friends - Pursuing
Just friends

Could there be a better and more clear an indication!
I completely agree on the fact that girls are a puzzle, but one thing is universal, that is, if they consider you as a friend—now this is a relationship, for them, that does not evolve into love and attraction generally.

6. She calls you only with some ulterior motive

I am not trying to spur the battle of the sexes, but like many things, this too is a fact that all girls are not innocent.
There are girls, just like some boys who just want to toy around with your emotions and nothing else.

Pursuing-She calls with Ulterior motive
She wants something from you

She is sweet to you or completely ignores you, at her wish. She calls you when she has some favor to ask but is always unavailable when in your time of need.
Should I say anything more?

7. You are picking up wrong signals:

Girls, as nature has it!
They are tender, loving and sweet in nature.
And more often than not, guy takes their talkative, sweet nature as a sign of something more.
Identifying meaning behind a girl’s behavior is tough, I agree—might as well validate Stephen Hawking’s theory on the black hole while you are at it.

Pursuing-you are picking up wrong signals
You are picking up wrong signals

The best way to around is to go on dropping hints that you like her.
If her response is positive, then I am happy for you, otherwise, you know what to do.

8. She has not let you in her personal space:

A definitive way to learn that the girl whom you like, has same feelings for you or not.
If she talks to you about how she had a terrible flight with her mom last night or calls you when she feels low and reciprocates the same when you are not upbeat—green light, you are on the right track.

Pursuing-She does not let you in her personal space
She does not let you in her personal space

Otherwise, stop pursuing her, because if she has made a decision of not letting you in her personal space then that is final. It is not going to change, no matter what.
Pursuing-She does not let you in her personal space
She does not let you in her personal space

Hope this article gives you a clearer picture of whether the girl you are after, dig you the same as you do, or not.