8 Signs Saying That Your Man Is Completely Over You

Love is a feeling which is supposed to grow with time isn’t it? Women have this complaint of fading love from men most of the time. Call it a habit or a trait but women are generally the ones who put more of their emotions in a relationship and it’s because of their over the top efforts, men begin to take women for granted.
At times men keep on pulling a relationship just for the name sake and that being in a relationship is a mere tag name.
When is the time you should realize that he is done with that feeling called love and is actually over you? Here are the signs saying that he is over you.

1. That action called “avoiding”


Those sudden endless cancelled plans and saying I can’t make it up today, those unanswered texts and calla backs that come hours later. Oh honey they say so much you know? May be he is really being ignorant?

2. Absolutely NO EFFORT


The feeling called “he doesn’t give damn” and that bitterness that stays because you know he just is okay with or without you, it just doesn’t matter. He puts absolutely no effort to talk, meet or work out the fading scenario. He is getting over you may be?