8 Fascinating Things Which Men Notice In Women

All girls can relate to the dilemma when they try to make a first impression on their male friends. They try to focus on what men notice attractive in them.

Well we know that you all were always curious about the things which men notice in women. But believe me men aren’t so complicated to understand. According to Dr. Paul Dobransky, In the first five minutes men notice mainly the physical beauty of women and afterwards look into her inner self.
So here we list those things which men notice about a women they first see them.

1. Smile

men notice a women's smile
Smile always cheers you up

Well a lot of surveys reveal that a smile is something which they usually notice in a women first. Not so surprising, because everyone likes a smiling face. As they always say, “Smile is the best ornament you can wear”. So the next time you are going to meet somebody special, make sure to smile more often because who knows he will fall in love with that.

2. Eyes

Eyes are the first thing which men notice
Attractive eyes

This is one of the most conventional thing which men notice in a woman. It is believed that Eyes are the windows to our soul. They say a lot about you. You can easily find the truth or love in someone’s eyes if they do so, Good Luck fellas.

3. Hair

Mon notice women's hair too
Stylish hair

Evidently hairs are also among the things which men notice in women. Finally those long hours spent at the saloon are worthy enough to get someone’s attention. Hairs mainly represent style. It is seen in many surveys men drool over that long, flowing, and soft hair with great aroma.