7 Unique Types Of Bra Every Woman Must Have In Her Collection

Bra is such a big-time and more importantly an all-time essential for we women, isn’t it? Something we cannot do without right? We love our bodies and we love our assets even more 😉 Bra keeps it firm, at the right place, flaunts them when needed and most of all acts sexy just when you need to show that extra pinch of appeal. Who doesn’t like perfect and sexy lingerie after all? But then one wrong choice of bra can surely make you look a huge mess and end up making you uncomfortable.
So here I am listing down few must-have bras for every woman varying according to the needs, mood and styles 🙂

1. Nude Bra


Well a nude bra is surely a must-have for every woman. With those whites and light coloured clothes, wearing a nude bra is always the best option. With a nude bra, you never gotta worry in regards to which colour bra under which colour clothes because nude works always.

2. Strapless Bra


Hi strapless bras and bye bye to those sticky and annoying straps. Best option when you gotta wear off-shoulder tops and dresses. They help you maintain just the adequate amount of support for your assets and ensure that those off-shoulder attires look perfect on you without causing any discomfort.

3. Sports Bra

Sports wear

For those work out freak women and who totally love working out on their bodies, sports bra is a must have honey. While you work out, your breasts need comfort and support both. Best part about sports bra is that they do not have any hooks making it really comfy for you while you work out, go for running or visit you aerobics class.