Is It Your First Date ??? Follow These Tips Which Will Make It Memorable….

Here are some tips to make your first date successful and magical-

1. Dress to Impress

The way you dress up for your first date surely says a lot about you. Dressing up for someone surely makes them feel thata extra effort from your side to make things extra special. Consider your date like a dream come true when you dress up for it.
Be it any look or attire that you opt for, make sure you carry it with class. From those blazers teamed up with nice solid t-shirts to a crisp white shirt teamed up with a trouser for a man and from a floral maxi dress to an LBD ( lil black dress) for the lady. “Dress to impress” surely tops the chart, when it comes to making the date worth it.

2. Plan it # but don’t over over-plan

Planning your date in terms of deciding when and where and time of course. Choose a location that’s comfortable and where both of you can interact and share your common interests, dreams and just cherish each other’s company.
But here I would also state the fact that don’t over-plan. Keep it simple and classy, don’t get into making it too much show-off or complicated. First dates should be more of calm kinda.

3. Be honest,pretending never helps

I believe, dates go smooth and magical when we are honest with each other. I mean just be who you are, you don’t really need to be someone you actually aren’t. Be honest, let the other one know your inner sights and like you for what you really are. Being honest is probably the kindest effort you can make on your first date.

4. Don’t carry that emotional baggage with you on your date

Carrying your past emotional baggage on your first date is a big no no! First date somewhat symbolises the fact that you are ready for new beginnings. Thus your first date should certainly not have the past discussions. Try making it positive and make your partner know that you now are ready to begin new chapters of life.

5. Bring on the humour


Bringing humour in your small little conversations is always good for the date. There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing your partner laugh while you talk and share your funny instances with him/her. It somewhat symbolises that you have the ability to keep your partner happy.

6. Keep your touch gentle

Young Couple Lovers in Paris France
For the first date, it is very crucial to keep in mind that your touch towards your partner should be really gentle. Your touch shouldn’t make the other one uncomfortable or make them feel that your intention is bad.
Be protective and make them feel the warmth of your hand, your hug or probably a forehead peck. They should feel love and respect when they are with you.

7. Make them feel your “Yes,I wanna be with you” approach throughout

Lastly, make sure that throughout your date you make them feel that you really wanna be with them and things are surely positive from your end. Make them feel your “I wanna be with you” approach and make it last. Be consistent in it. Love and affection should take the lead.
P.S Make your first date worth it, just be yourself and follow these simple tips.
Thank me later!! Cheers!!